JENNIFER URIARTE                                        VANCOUVER WA       

Through her commitment to providing the finest personal service and professional representation, Jennifer Uriarte provides outstanding expertise to her valued clients.  As a specialist in the Marketing and Acquisition of Residential, Luxury and Investment Properties, you may trust in Jennifer’s knowledgeable and insightful assessment and careful analysis. In helping clients in the Vancouver, Camas and Fishers’ Landing real estate market to find their dream home, sell their special residence or secure a strategic investment, Jennifer takes every measure to ensure that all of her client’s goals are achieved. 

Through her genuine passion and deep commitment, Jennifer excels at educating and provided her clients with an informed and insightful assessment and careful analysis of the market.  She is very astute, remarkably meticulous and extremely diligent in seeing that her clients’ needs are thoroughly attended to; from the selection of their distinctive property, to the review of the contractual components of the transaction, through to the details of the inspection, and on to the final and important points at closing.  Sellers greatly appreciate the targeted strategies she skillfully implements to clearly accentuate each property’s specific features to stand out in the market place.  For buyers she provides close personal attention and will work tirelessly to identify just the right property that meets their budget and lifestyle requirements. 

Jennifer’s clients appreciate her focus and dedication and find that her warm and friendly personality is very present in everything she does on their behalf.  Her clients trust in her honesty, integrity and valuable insights that she clearly exhibits in every interaction.  Jennifer is very thorough in providing constant communication about each important detail of the transaction and is always extremely attentive, accessible and responds promptly to her clients.  She excels at finding creative and equitable solutions to make each transaction come together with a positive result.  Deeply valuing the relationship with each client Jennifer truly is committed to providing her clients an exceptional guidance and expertise.

Contact Jennifer to serve you and your personal real estate interest. 

As a John L. Scott broker, my mission is transactional excellence and client satisfaction. That means I work tirelessly to make your home buying or selling process as efficient, stress-free and lucrative for you as possible.



I take pride in offering high-caliber full-service residential real estate expertise. My clients are my top priority, and I focus on delivering the best possible results for them.



The real estate market is hyperlocal, seasonal and temperamental—in other words, it can change on a dime. Technology has made information more accessible to everyone, but it can be difficult to keep up with recent events that affect home values. The benefits of working with a licensed real estate professional go far beyond what a mobile app, online video, or website can do.

I provide my clients with information on market seasonality and information relevant to what is happening in their specific neighborhood. This customized analysis includes recent comparable sales that factor into an offer and acceptance strategy.



Successful negotiations help move a conversation forward and transform the process into an agreement that’s a win for all parties. Negotiation is not only a skill, but a mindset. I keep my clients’ best interests top of mind as I negotiate on their behalf. 


Transactional Excellence

I am dedicated to transactional excellence for every listing and sale. What this means for you is that I oversee every detail of the real estate transaction. The transaction is far from over once an offer has been accepted. I monitor inspections, appraisals, title, escrow and loan processes. Communication and collaboration with all the partners and parties involved with the transaction ensures a smooth and timely closing. I am committed to my clients before, during and after a sale.